This video completely fails to acknowledge under sea freshwater events. Granted, the cycle takes millions of years, but water that percolates through the ground eventually builds up in tremendous pressures deep underground, and spews forth along with other chemicals from the bottom of the ocean, including those famous… » 4/10/14 8:25am 4/10/14 8:25am

Unusual sign. In the US you would expect this to read something like "Warning: Polar Bears" or "Run! Run For The Hills!" Instead, in Norwegian, this reads "Applies to the Entire Svalbard" - in other words, there are polar bears in the entirety of the polar archipelago. Duh! » 4/01/14 3:37pm 4/01/14 3:37pm

That is hardly a flimsy container. It can certainly stand up to the vacuum of nearly 0 atm, which is what is required to reach the triple point of water at freezing. It might be formic acid, which is fairly commonly found in chemistry laboratories, and reaches its triple point at about 47 degrees Fahrenheit. » 3/31/14 8:54am 3/31/14 8:54am